Live well in later life

Abbeyfield offers companionship, security and independence
through affordable rental housing for older people.  

  • All inclusive food and accommodation from $330-$395 per week - no capital charge
  • 9 - 14 residents sharing a family-style home
  • On-site housekeeper provides nutritious meals, security and co-ordination

Abbeyfield New Zealand since 1991

We're a charity that provides housing, support and time
for people at different stages of later life.

 Abbeyfield promotes local community-based and volunteer-led Abbeyfield Societies
to develop and manage local Abbeyfield Houses providing older people a dignified way of life
 at a cost affordable from national superannuation and supplementary assistance.

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Support Abbeyfield 

Abbeyfield relies on contributions and donations from the community as a catalyst to build new houses and to support our day to day operations. We welcome gifts, donations, and bequests, and volunteering from individuals, trusts and corporates. 

 Abbeyfield Foundation Charitable Trust was registered in July 1999 with the purpose of accepting gifts,donations and legacies to be used as capital to develop new Abbeyfield Houses, refurbish existing Abbeyfield Houses and promote the Abbeyfield ideals. 

Go to the "Be involved" page for more information on the ways you can make donations and support Abbeyfield's continued growth and development in New Zealand. 

What our residents say

After much mind searching and wishful thinking, I believe I have found my utopia here at Abbeyfield.... I have unwound like a spring coil into the restful surroundings of Abbeyfield.
I have met people I now consider as friends, rather than just residents, because we have been able to share life experiences and some interests.
Comfortable, good food, nice warm room, close to family - it's a wonderful, comfortable way to live.
I like the location - within walking distance of the Hub and the excellent bus services. Meals cooked for us (and I loved cooking) so there is much more time in the day for other things.
A family 'feel', good meals and a sense of 'home'.
Companionship if wanted, and no maintenance to worry about.
Congenial company and not having to cook - this place suits me admirably.
A home away from home.
Best decision I have ever made. I was lonely
Simply a great way for a single 'oldie' to live
I have companionship and the freedom to be independant
No better place to go
Good meals, warm room, nice walking by the lake - relaxing and peaceful
When you're out and tired it's just so delightful to know you're coming home to a hot meal
The price is allows me to get a better standard of living at a cheaper price
I don't have any worries. I do everything I used to do before I came to Abbeyfield


Abbeyfield New Zealand
Level One,
200 Hardy Street

PO Box 482
Nelson 7040
New Zealand
P:+64 3 546 6459
F:+64 3 546 6210
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